May 30, 2023
Kit Connor workout

Kit Connor workout

In this article we will discuss Kit Connor workout so lets start with introduction.  kit Conner is the talent that has emerged from the land of Britain. He is a talented British actor who has been working in the film industry from a very young age. He used to do minor roles in television and movies such as chicken in the skyline, Adventure in Space, and Time to Get Santa, etc.

In 2022, he appeared in the Netflix series heartstopper portraying the role of Nick Nelson. The 18-year-old talented actor always maintains a good physique. Therefore, fans want to know about Kit Conner workout routine and diet plan.


If you are also curious to know about how this handsome British man maintains his fitness level. Let us tell you everything about Kit Connor workout routine and diet plan.

Kit Connor’s body measurements

Kit Connor is 5 feet 11 inches tall and weighs around 60 kg.

Kit Connor’s diet plan

Kit Connor consumes a well-balanced nutritious diet. He does not eat a lot of junk food or processed food. He enjoys healthy lean proteins, fruits, and vegetables that help him in building body muscles.

Kit Connor workout routine

People show immense love to the young actor. He has around 3.3 million fan followers on Instagram and 718.6k followers on Twitter. Kit corner workout routine lately has been a hot topic on the internet.
The amazing body of Kit Connor is the result of his consistency in performing extreme workout plans. He likes to do a variety of workouts to tone up his muscles. He likes to hit the gym on regular basis. At least he performs one-hour workouts 5 times a week to maintain his fitness level.
If you are a true fan of Kit Connor then his workout routine will definitely motivate you to improve your fitness level as well. Without wasting any time let’s dive into the Kit Connor workout routine.

First, he likes to warm up his entire body so that his muscles can function more efficiently.

Day 1
On the first day of the week, he likes to do the shoulder and biceps, and chest. It includes exercises such as
⦁ Bench press
⦁ Incline press
⦁ Dumbbell kickback
⦁ Seated dumbbell shoulder front raise
⦁ Dumbbell Shoulder Press
⦁ Seated dumbbell tricep overhead extension
⦁ Cable chest fly.
All the exercises should be performed in 3 sets and 10 repetition counts.

Day 2
Day 2 is all about back biceps and traps
⦁ Preacher curls
⦁ Barbell shrugs
⦁ Seated dumbbell hammer curl
⦁ Deadlift
⦁ Cable rows
⦁ Lateral pull down
⦁ Cable shrugs

All the exercises must be performed in 3 sets and 10 reps count.

Day 3
Day 3 is all about the leg and lower body
⦁ Weighted lunges
⦁ Seated squats
⦁ Leg press
⦁ Cable pull through
⦁ Hamstring curl machine
⦁ Leg extension machine
⦁ Calf raises

All exercises must be performed in 3-4 sets with an 8-10 reps count.

Day 4
Day 4 includes core exercises

⦁ Knee raise push-ups
⦁ Med ball side toss
⦁ Single leg bridge
⦁ Side plank with the hip dip
⦁ Side-lying hip abduction
⦁ Superman hold
⦁ Bird dog with elbow taps

Day 5
On 5th day he performs high-intensity interval training for cardio training
⦁ Reverse crunches
⦁ Side-to-side sprint to seal Jack
⦁ Back extension Y-raise
⦁ Alternating leg kicks
⦁ High burpees
⦁ Push up jacks
⦁ Leg lifts

If you will follow this workout routine every week, it gives your body strength and will help build body muscle. The excellent body of Kit Connor is due to intense workout sessions on a regular basis. He also does not like to do the same exercise he likes to add different sorts of exercises to his workout routine. The more challenging your workout session will be the greater impact it will have on your body.

Bottom Line

Kit Connor workout routine and diet plan are motivational for all those people who desire to lose weight. Other than losing weight consistency and dedication is required to maintain a good body. He has been doing workouts regularly for years and he has been following his diet plan religiously.

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