March 23, 2023
Can I Shower with a Tampon in

Can I Shower with a Tampon in

If you are irritated with period stains, you must be thinking to switch from pads to tampons. There are many things you should consider before using any product. You should have precise information about it.

If you have started using tampons During your period you must have many queries in your mind. While using a tampon you must have a lot of questions about it like what is a tampon, how to insert a tampon, can I shower with a tampon in, and many more.

Periods are a part of a women’s monthly menstruation cycle. When a woman does not conceive the lining of the uterus known as endometrium shreds and is excreted out from the body through the vagina. This blood and tissue excretion is known as a period.

It is essential to select hygienic feminine products to maintain the health of the vagina. These days there are multiple products available in the market for periods such as pads, tampons, and menstruation cups.

Every feminine product has its pros and cons. It varies from woman to woman what is their requirement for sanitary products. In this article, we will discuss in detail specifically tampons. Here, we will also clear many questions such as can I shower with a tampon in or can I go swimming in a tampon?

What is Tampon

Tampons are disposable menstruation products. They are made up of highly absorbable materials which are given a cylindrical shape by pressing them. They are just like a firm cotton plug that fixes in your vagina to soak all the menstruation blood.

can i shower with a tampon on

Just like periods tampons are also available in different types. The types of tampons depend on their absorbing strength and size. For example, if your menstruation flow is high then you should be using a high-strength tampon. If your menstruation flow is light then there are tampons available for light and regular flow as well.

According to research, most girls initially use pads when they start menstruating. However, for those girls who want to participate in gymnastics, swimming, or other sports tampon is a much preferable option. By using tampons, you do not have to worry about period stains, leakage, and the feeling of wetness.

How to insert a Tampon

If you’re thinking to switch on tampons, it is very important to select the right type based on your period flow. First, try a light-flow tampon and if it doesn’t work for you, switch to a regular or heavy-flow tampon.

Following are the basic steps by which you can insert a tampon.

⦁ To maintain good hygiene first wash your hands.
⦁ Make a sitting posture that is comfortable for you. For an easy insertion you can sit in a squad position or you can sit on the toilet seat with your legs wide open. You can also raise one of your legs and put it on a chair, stool, or toilet seat.
⦁ Remove the packaging of the tampon. With the help of your fingers or applicator put the tampon on your vagina and gently push it inside.

How to insert a Tampon

If you leave your body relaxed, insertion in vagina will be easier. If you are using a tampon for the first time, you should buy a tampon with an applicator. If you are still not sure how to use a tampon, don’t hesitate to ask for help from your mom, elder sister, friend, teacher, or cousin.

How to remove a Tampon

The removal of tampon is quite easy. You will find a smaller string attached to the tampon. When you want to change your tampon you can gently pull the string and the tampon will come out of your vagina.
You must have fear what if the string breaks? Usually, it does not break because the string is strong enough to remove the tampon.

Can you flush a Tampon?

No, you should never flush a tampon. Flushing the tampon in a toilet can clog the toilet. You can dispose of a tampon just like a pad. You can wrap the tampon in toilet paper and throw it in a garbage bin. You can also dispose of the tampon in a paper bag and throw it in a garbage bin.

Can you flush a Tampon?

Can I go for swimming in Tampon

Yes, tampons are the best option if you are going swimming, gym, or playing any sport. During swimming, a tampon will prevent the leakage of blood in the swimming pool. Tampons will not be visible from your swimsuit. Tampons do not come out easily. They only come out from the vagina when you pulled a strain.

Still, if you are thinking can tampons soak the pool water? The answer is yes, no matter where you are swimming in a pool, lake, or ocean tampons can absorb the water. Therefore, it is necessary that once you get out of the water, you should change the tampon. A completely soaked tampon left inside the vagina for a longer time period can cause infections.

Can you go to the bathroom with a Tampon in?

Yes, you can go to the bathroom with a tampon in because the pee and feces move out from the body from a different hole. If you closely look at your vagina it actually has two holes. One hole at the top is connected to the urethra, from where the pee excretes out from the body. The lower and larger hole is a place where you place a tampon.

Therefore, while wearing a tampon you can urinate or pass stool without any problem. You only need to change your tampon when it is filled with period blood. It is best to change your tampon every 4 to 6 hours to prevent any unwanted complications.

Can I shower with a Tampon in

Yes, you can shower with a tampon in. There is no harm to wear a tampon during a shower. If you have light blood flow then there are chances that the blood will not leak during the shower or bath.

Can I shower with a Tampon in

Sometimes the tampon does not absorb shower water. But for the safer side, it is always better to change the tampon once you get out of the shower. Since tampons can get wet while taking a shower. If you will leave a wet tampon inside, it can cause infections in your vagina.

How long can you leave a Tampon in?

According to FDA guidelines, you should change your tampon every 4 to 8 hours. If you will leave a tampon for a long duration of time it can be unhygienic. Tampons left in the body can also lead to toxic shock syndrome (TSS) which is a very dangerous illness. Therefore, it is best to use low-flow absorbent tampons and change them quickly. Since tampons are inserted inside your vagina they can impact vaginal flora.


It is very important to maintain general hygiene to prevent any urinary or reproductive complications. If you are using first-time tampons, they are an excellent option during periods. Before you try out any product it is essential to have sufficient knowledge about it.

This article was a complete guideline on tampons and how to use them. We hope that this article has helped you with questions like can I shower with a tampon in or can you go the bathroom with a tampon in.

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