March 22, 2023
Muni Long before surgery

Muni Long before surgery

Muni long before surgery and after surgery pictures are circulating on the Internet these days. There are allegations that she has done lip fillers, a nose job, a hair transplant, and botox to improve her facial appearance.

Let’s do a close comparison between Muni Long before surgery and after-surgery pictures. If you are curious to know the reality behind Muni Long plastic surgery allegations then stick with us till the end.

Who is Muni Long

Pricilla Hairston better known as Muni Long was born on 14 September 1988, in the US. She is an American songwriter and singer. In 2009, her first solo studio album Swing was released by record levels. Afterward, she did a collaboration with many renowned artists for about 10 years. In 2018, she again released her solo album.

Muni Long husband

Muni Long early life was not filled with happiness rather it was a trauma to remember. Her Family kicked her out of the house. She also sang the song family tree which she dedicated to her childhood. During her childhood, she was abundant and never felt loved by her blood relations.

However, did she find true love afterward in life? Yes, she found true love in her husband Masimba Chibanda. They have been together for years but still, their love is this strong.

Muni Long before surgery and after surgery difference

In today’s world, people are inhuman enough to criticize others for their appearance. This results in insecurities and a lack of confidence. Celebrities are always under the limelight in which more often people and themselves start finding beauty flaws.

The media has created a perfect image of facial features and body. If someone does not lie in that criteria they often suffer from insecurities especially when they belong to the glamour industry. Due to this situation, many celebrities knock on the door of cosmetic surgeons.

There are many allegations about Muni Long that she has done cosmetic surgeries to improve her facial appearance. She has gone through the procedure of Botox, lip fillers, and rhinoplasty.

Muni Long nose job

If you look at Muni Long before surgery pictures it is evident that there is a significant change in her nose. She has done a nose job to change the shape of her nose. She has also done Botox around the eyes area and forehead to remove wrinkles.

Muni long has also done lip fillers to make her lips look fuller and bigger. If you look at her hairline there are also some changes in it. In her past, she did not have many hairs on her hairline but now she has many baby hairs around there.

Bottom line

Although Muni Long before surgery pictures are perfect evidence to say that Muni Long has gone under the knife to improve her facial appearance. Where still, she hasn’t spoken much.

We can say that once her life was filled with insecurities about her appearance, therefore she did cosmetic surgeries. But now she is more focused on her work. Her singing talent is remarkable as far as we are hearing her melodious voice it does not matter how she looks.

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