March 23, 2023
Can Anxiety Cause Right Bundle Branch Block

Can Anxiety Cause Right Bundle Branch Block

Nobody wants to get ill especially if the health issue is related to the heart. The heart is just like an engine of the body. If this engine stops working the whole body stops functioning.

The right bundle branch block is a severe health issue related to the heart. it has the potential to harm the whole body. According to recent research, there is a strong connection between anxiety disorder and the right bundle branch block. But how can anxiety cause right bundle branch block?

In this article, we will explain the connection between anxiety and the heart. we will also discuss how can anxiety cause right bundle branch block and how to deal with it.

How can anxiety cause right bundle branch block?

Yes, anxiety can lead to right bundle branch block. Any type of stress and anxiety has harmful effects on the heart. During anxiety, our body gets into an excited state.

No matter what causes stress and anxiety but the heart always reacts to it. Anxiety increases the heart rate and the heart starts beating abnormally. Due to this abnormal pressure on the heart if you are already suffering from heart issues there is a possibility of branch blockage. The right bundle branch block can be both first and second-degree.

Right bundle branch blockage requires immediate treatment otherwise it can lead to more severe conditions like heart attacks or heart failure. Therefore, it is sad if someone has heart problems they should not take the stress.

What is the right bundle branch block?

The right bundle branch blockage affects the right bundle branch of the heart. The most common reason for this is the abnormality of heartbeat. Due to this blockage, the heartbeat becomes unstable and the heart does not perform proper function. When blockage in one part of the heart takes place it delays the signal, leading to an irregular heartbeat.

If someone is suffering from right bundle branch block then enough blood will not be supplied to the right ventricle. It impacts on the functionality of the heart and can even cause heart failure. The right bundle branch block can make a person dizzy and uncomfortable.

Not only anxiety but if a person suffering from myocarditis or stress this condition also leads towards the right bundle branch block. Other conditions that can cause right bundle branch block includes

⦁ Myocardial infarction
⦁ Hypertension
⦁ Lenegre’s disease
⦁ Lev’s disease

It is important to take care of heart health to lead a better life. If you have anxiety, you must find ways to deal with it to protect your heart and health.

How to prevent anxiety

If you want to live a long and healthy life you should find ways to prevent stress and anxiety. Following are some of the tips which can help you deal with anxiety.

⦁ Increase physical activity

There is no doubt that physical activity is very important to improve the quality of life. Stress, anxiety, and a sedentary lifestyle have a direct relation with the heart. Exercise increases the endorphin levels since it improves your mood.

If you increase your physical activity it lowers the level of stress hormone known as cortisol. Therefore to prevent anxiety it is important to include a workout routine in your daily life. It is not necessary that you should do an intense workout, a quick walk or running will be sufficient.

⦁ Do meditation

Meditation is the best exercise that relaxes your mind and body without putting stress on your body muscles. It relieves stress and anxiety. Meditation also improves your focusing capabilities.

⦁ Develop healthy habits

To prevent heart disease the best thing you can do is improve your lifestyle. Include healthy eating habits, physical activity, improving your sleep cycle, and regular exercises in your routine to save yourself from stress and anxiety.

⦁ Do the things which you love

These days everyone is busy in their professional life. Since life is fast, we are constantly under stress. Stress and anxiety have become common disorders for everyone. In the struggle to achieve things in life, we actually miss the important joys of life.

Although it is important to stay focused in your life but sometimes you need to relax yourself. This is the time you should take a break for awhile and enjoy the things you love. It will relax your body and mind, and motivate you towards solving life problems.

You may be thinking that you do not have time to do joyful things. But you have to take out time specially for the things you love. Make your mental health your first priority.

Bottom line

Through this article we hope that you have got the answer about can anxiety cause right bundle branch block. The above-mentioned tips can help you in preventing anxiety.

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