November 24, 2022
Keflex for Tooth Infection

Keflex for Tooth Infection

One of the worst pain is considered toothache. It may be due to infection or tooth abscess. As it is painful and potentially risky, people find different remedies and treatments to get rid of toothache as soon as possible. On the internet, you will find different home remedies and the use of Keflex for tooth infection.

When you visit a dentist or health care provider they prescribe you antibiotics to treat tooth infections. Antibiotics slow down or stop the growth of bacteria causing tooth infection. They provide relief from tooth infection symptoms.

If a toothache is becoming unbearable and you’re thinking can you use Keflex for tooth infection? then you must know everything about tooth infection and its treatment.

  • Keflex for Tooth Infection

Tooth infection

Tooth infections are severely painful and can even lead to tooth removal. A tooth infection can cause health problems. Our mouths, tongue, and teeth are covered with germs. The teeth have armor covering that protects them from infectious diseases and cavities. But, when there is a crack bacteria can easily enter and cause tooth infections.

Keflex for Tooth Infection

A tooth infection can affect a single tooth or through the tooth root, it can reach your gums. The gums pocket infections lead to abscesses.

Tooth infection symptoms

If you have a tooth infection the first symptom will be a pain. Pain is not limited to a single tooth, as teeth are connected with nerves so the pain occurs in the neck, face, and jaw.
Apart from pain, teeth infection has the following other symptoms

⦁ Tenderness around the tooth
⦁ Face, mouth, and jaw swelling
⦁ Sensitivity to cold and warm food items.

Keflex for Tooth Infection

Tooth Infection causes

The bacteria enters the mouth and attacks the tooth and surrounding tissues causing tooth infection. This usually happens when the protective layer of teeth, enamel, and gums are damaged. The damaged gums and teeth provide the perfect ground for bacteria.

A tooth infection is caused due to following reasons
⦁ Gum damage periodontal diseases
⦁ Cavities.

Keflex for Tooth Infection


These problems mostly occur in those people who do not maintain oral hygiene. Poor oral hygiene results in dental plaque on the teeth. It is very uncommon that tooth infections to occur due to dental trauma such as damage to the tooth.

Keflex for tooth infection

Keflex is the brand name for cephalexin. Cephalexin belongs to the antibiotic drug category cephalosporins that fight against bacterial infection. It attacks the cell wall of bacteria, ruptures it, and destroys the bacteria. The most common uses of cephalexin include ear infections, urinary tract infections, upper respiratory infections, and skin infections.

Many physicians prescribe cephalexin for tooth infections. Its dose for tooth infection is around 250 MG every six hours or 500 MG every 12 hours. The dose is prescribed based on the severity and progression of the tooth infection.

Keflex for Tooth Infection

In how much time Keflex works on a tooth infection

Antibiotics take time to work. If you have followed the physician’s instructions properly then it will take a few days for Keflex to treat your tooth infection. You will start noticing improvement within a few days.

However, if you do not feel any betterment even after a few days or experiencing side effects then you should contact your physician without wasting any time.

Benefits of Keflex

For bacterial infections physicians usually prescribed antibiotic medication. Cephalexin is beneficial in the treatment of gum infection in dental abscesses. It acts on the cell wall of bacteria and destroys it. It is among the most common antibiotics prescribed for tooth infections.
Cephalexin is absolutely safe during pregnancy and breastfeeding. But one should prefer not to use it until necessary. If you have a large intestine, kidney, or liver disease you should avoid using Keflex.

benefits of keflex

Side effects of Keflex

Following are the most common side effects caused by Keflex
⦁ Nausea
⦁ Vomiting
⦁ Fatigue
⦁ Diarrhea
⦁ Headache
⦁ Heartburn
⦁ Stomach pain
⦁ Genital itching.

Bottom line

If you are suffering from toothache due to infection your physician may prescribe you Keflex for tooth infection. While taking any antibiotic you must follow the instructions of the healthcare provider to avoid any side effects.

Keflex will treat your tooth infection. Within a few days, you will start noticing improvement. However, just like any other medication, there are chances of side effects. If you notice any side effects you should contact a healthcare provider to avoid mishaps.

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